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The business area of Gefahrstoffzentrum (GSZ) Kaiserslautern GmbH is contract service provision for the production, filling, storage and picking of chemical/technical products. The objective of the company is the optimization of processes in consideration of all environmentally relevant issues and simultaneously the long-term and secure procurement of jobs


pallet spaces for general chemical products in observance of association requirements (VCI)
spatially separated storage sections for the sorted provision of designated storage classes
m² storage space


Our technical know-how and our experience allow us to offer services ranging from production to storage all the way to logistics.

Your partner – the GSZ

Our past cooperation with our industrial partners certifies our professional positioning on the market and very high customer satisfaction rate with respect to our professional competence.

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We would be happy to send you additional informational material or give you individual consultation about your project.

Regardless of whether you would like us to advise you about our available storage capacities and the classification of your hazardous substances into the storage classes according to TRGS 510, or whether you have other questions: we have the right expert to assist you!

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The advantages are:

  • Official approval of production, storage and safety equipment.
  • Minimum risk despite a high volume of hazardous substances thanks to compliance with various regulations on environmental protection, storage and hazardous substance handling.
  • Immediate assistance assured in case of an emergency thanks to instructed firefighters.
  • Regular controls by authorities and experts in hazardous goods law allow adjustments to conform to current directives and regulations.
  • Production with large quantities of raw materials subject to labelling requirements that normal chemical operations are not permitted to carry out.

• Large quantities of hazardous substances may be stored (e.g. 1,000 t of substances labelled as toxic)

Gefahrstoffzentrum Kaiserslautern GmbH
GSZ Gefahrstoffzentrum Kaiserslautern GmbH