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Gefahrstoffzentrum (GSZ) Kaiserslautern GmbH:
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proTerra Umweltschutz- und Managementberatung GmbH:
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A hazardous incident is an incident such as a large-scale emission, a fire or an explosion. The disruption of operation results immediately or later on in serious danger, or damage is incurred inside or outside the operation area in which one or more hazardous substances are involved. A business subject to the German Hazardous Incident Ordinance such as Gefahrstoffzentrum (GSZ) Kaiserslautern does everything it has to do in a technical and organizational sense to prevent such an incident, applying a large number of preventive and safety measures to ensure this.

According to current knowledge, this excludes the possibility of a hazardous incident that can threaten you. The following information concerns "hazardous incidents despite precautions", for which the assumption is made that the technical and organizational safety precautions become ineffective.


As a azardous incident despite precautions it can be assumed that there will be a process-related release of nitrogen oxides (NOx) if proper operation is interrupted.

Nitrogen oxides may be spread by the wind and lead to the irritation and damaging of the respiratory organs. Another hazardous incident despite precautions that can occur at Gefahrstoffzentrum (GSZ) Kaiserslautern is a fire breaking out within a storage section. This must be viewed as the “worst case” scenario, as the simultaneous failure of available safety equipment, especially the automatic fire-extinguishing system, would have to be assumed at the time of the occurrence of this incident. Fire generates fumes that could be spread by the wind through the premises and reach the surrounding vicinity. The fumes may cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory passages. The release of environmentally harmful substances may result either immediately or later in a hazard for the aquatic ecosystem.


In order to prevent serious accidents, a safety concept was developed for Gefahrstoffzentrum (GSZ) Kaiserslautern to which all operational processes and activities are subject. This ensures that all relevant processes and the responsibilities for the implementation of the safety concept are regulated, thereby reliably excluding the occurrence of safety-endangering operating states and especially hazardous incidents.

Regular instruction of the employees and an emergency planning coordinated with authorities and emergency and rescue services safeguard against hazardous effects in case of an incident. The internal alarm and hazard prevention plan sets forth the measures necessary in case of an incident. The alarm and hazard prevention plan is coordinated with authorities and the fire brigade.

  • For early fire detection, the entire building complex is monitored with a fire detection system that is connected to the integrated control centre of the Kaiserslautern fire brigade.
  • All storage sections for hazardous substances are safeguarded against fire by structural measures.
  • An automatic sprinkler system covers the entire storage and production areas.
  • The amount of water required for fire-fighting for the fire brigade is always available.
  • In all operating units, fire extinguishers suited for the relevant substances are available in sufficient numbers.
  • The detention of substances harmful to health and the environment is ensured by means of structural measures, ensuring that no hazardous substances can be released to the environment.
  • In case of a power failure, an emergency power supply with battery buffering is available for functions and facilities necessary for safety reasons.


Gerne geben wir Ihnen mehr Informationen zum Thema Verhinderung und Verhalten im Notfall.
Bitte sprechen Sie uns direkt an.

Maßgebliche Behörden:

We are happy to provide you with more information on the subject of prevention and

what to do in an emergency.

Please contact us directly.

  • Relevant authorities:• Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd, Regionalstelle GewerbeaufsichtNeustadt (https://sgdsued.rlp.de/)

    • Fire department and disaster control city of Kaiserslautern

    Important external telephone numbers:

    • Fire brigade 112

    • Police 110

    • Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd, Regionalstelle Gewerbeaufsicht

    Neustadt +49 (0) 6321/99 – 1266

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  • By loudspeaker announcements
  • By radio and television announcements on the part of public broadcasters, e.g. SWR1, SWR4
  • By sirens: wailing sound lasting one minute – all clear: continuous tone lasting one minute
  • Operations in IG Nord (industrial area north) by the relevant plant management
  • By visible signs such as fire and smoke
  • By odours
  • By physical reactions such as nausea and eye irritation

What should I do first?

  • Keep away from the premises of the Gefahrstoffzentrum Kaiserslautern and look for enclosed areas!
  • Close all windows and doors and turn off the ventilation or air conditioning.
  • Remember to do this if you are in a car, as well!
  • Take fellow citizens along with you temporarily if necessary!
  • Enclosed spaces provide effective initial protection against gases and impending explosions.


What do I do afterwards?

  • Do not do anything on your own. Instead, wait for news and instructions from the responsible authorities.
  • Follow these suggestions!
  • Switch on the radio and, if available, the television.
  • Pay attention to radio and television announcements from regional broadcasters.

What should I never do?

  • Never leave the house without being asked in order to flee on foot or by car.
  • You are only endangering yourself by doing this. Moreover, the traffic routes are required for use by emergency services.
  • Never block the emergency telephone numbers by asking questions!

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